Welcome to Masobe Books:
The Beginning of an Era

Nigerian literature has suffered many challenges over the last two decades. Readers have had to endure a paucity of good books from local writers and have relied heavily on Western Literature and the books of our literary giants of old; books unrivalled by their mastery, power of evocation and truth, but lacking in today’s thematic representations and narratives – fundamentals upon which the literary culture of a society is built.

We have also suffered through the seemingly insurmountable challenges of getting published and getting our works to the world. To the few daring writers who braved the route of self-publishing, getting their books to the reader has been the toughest challenge of them all. But we have soldiered on regardless, and in the last decade, we have registered a growing number of literary warriors, men and women who have risen against all odds to make our voices heard. Nigeria has recorded the emergence of new publishing houses, book clubs, bookstores, book vendors, readers and a great many voices clamouring to be heard.

It is from this boiling pot of dreams that we rise, like the proverbial phoenix from the ashes. We rise with a dream and a promise, to push boundaries and break barriers. Here at Masobe Books, we like to think of ourselves as a family. We believe that together, we can surmount any challenges. Come join us. Let us dream together. Let us rise together. Let us read together. Let us write together. Together we can.

Company Profile

Masobe Books and Logistics Limited was founded in April 2018 with offices in Lagos. We are a small but dedicated team determined to bring all your writing, publishing, logistics and marketing worries to an end.

Our mission is to encourage reading by making available to the public, great books by talented African authors who bring our stories to life, and also be Nigeria's number 1 publishing house. Our vision is to be a major player in the African publishing industry, with a cache of acclaimed authors.

Masobe is a word derived from the Isoko Language of the Isoko people who hail from the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. It means 'Let Us Read'.