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Achalugo Ezekobe studied Law at the University of Lagos. She has enjoyed tremendous experience exploring her storytelling vis-a-vis several mediums of expression, which have over the years, extended to photography, film/tv and stage. . Her creative non fiction and fiction have appeared in several magazines and websites, including Bella Naija (Common denominator and Mama Bene), an ebook on Okadabooks 'Don't write on me'. Her stage play 'Mr.Brother', was third runner up at the ANA 2018 prize for drama. Her creative non fiction is popular for it's humor laced approach to sharing real life narratives, while her fiction has in recent times, found expression in the speculative fiction genre. Achalugo Ezekobe is author of 'Boys on jumping trousers', 2nd runner up, Quramo 2018 prize for unpublished fiction. The book is a gripping story of grief and friendship, slated for release in 2019.