Ufuoma Emerhor-Ashogbon, popularly known as Ufuomaee, is an author of faith-based books, ranging from Christian fiction, non-fiction inspirational writings, and poetry.

Her passion for telling stories began as a little girl, and she started writing high school romances and poetry as a teenager, though her works were unpublished.

Ufuomaee discovered her calling for Christian ministry in 2012, when she started her blog, Grace and Truth, writing articles that addressed common issues believers’ face, with particular attention given to romance and relationships. In 2016, she started writing story series on her blog, and this began her journey to becoming a self-published author of over two dozen works.

Her aim in all her writing is that God may be glorified and all may be edified.

Connect with Ufuoma on Instagram @ufuomaee