The Black Dragon

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In Adoria, a small village, a farmer lives a half existence, nameless and waiting for death when a knock on his door changes his life forever. Salem, the girl with a past just as dark as his own slowly renews his will to live. Through her eyes, he sees the world anew, a land filled with possibility and adventure. From the plains of Adoria to the sweeping mountains of the Land of Dragons filled with mythical creatures and dazzling magic, a farmer and a girl embark on an epic journey that proves no matter how far away it seems, destiny always finds a way.

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    Okeya Olumide

    Nice one brother ♥️

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About The Author

Daniel Oluwabemiwo Enitoluwawi Adesina (DB) was born on 27th July, 2004 in Lagos, Nigeria. He is the first child in a family of three children. This fifteen year old wonder kid started his early education at Oakdale Nursery and Primary School,Ogba, Lagos where he successfully completed his nursery education. He later went on to Avi Ceena International School, Ikeja GRA, Lagos where he did his Grades 1-6 and was nicknamed “Mr. Good morning” because of his tendency to greet everyone that comes his way especially people in authority.

He thereafter proceeded to Life Forte International High School, Apelehin, Ibadan where he is presently a grade ten student.
His penchant for reading and writing led him to forays in the literary world and has culminated in his maiden effort “The Black Dragon” which in turn is traceable to his hobbies which include reading novels, watching movies, swimming and traveling.

He thought of this book through the belief that in between the good and bad lay the ones that can’t decide.

Author: Daniel Oluwabemiwo Enitoluwawi Adesina (DB)
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