The Voyage of Saints

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Michael Ajose was convinced by an unforgettable dream that his life’s course could only be charted by a mysterious woman’s love. So, he decided to find her, and marry her. He was 12 years old.

This is the story of how he found her – Lami. How he loved her – like an addiction. And how she loved him – like an anchor for his soul. Painted in cinematic recollections and a part-epistolary style, this is the story of their love – starting from the pre-military era of Nigeria’s history, spanning governments, and continents. And as they struggle to steer their ship through life’s dangerous waters and against all forces determined to keep them apart, this is the story of their fate.

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Marvin Abe is an experienced Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the maritime and Oil & Gas industries, which has earned him wide industry acclaim and recognition in the areas he has served. A seasoned Mariner, he bagged an MBA in shipping and Logistics from Middlesex University, London, UK and a Post Graduate Diploma in Maritime Operations and Management from City University, London, UK.

Marvin’s over three decades of maritime experience cuts across major shipping companies and multinational Oil & Gas companies including the provision of consultancy services to Chevron Shipping, Houston, USA, Tesoro Maritime, San Antonio, USA, Petrobras, Brazil, and Shell Trading and Shipping Co, UK.

He became captain on Nigeria LNG owned vessels in 2004. He was Head, Shipping Quality Assurance at Nigeria LNG Limited in July 2010 and rose to the position of Manager, Shipping Assurance and Compliance in 2012. He was appointed a Deputy Director in the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) in 2013, and is currently the Managing Director of Apapa Bulk Terminal Limited – a subsidiary of FMN plc.

The Voyage of Saints is his first book.

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  1. Rebel Reviewer

    The Voyage of Saints by Marvin Abe: A Review.

    “Michael Ajose was only twelve years old when he decided that he wanted a wife.”

    “The Voyage of Saints” is an odyssey. It tells the tale of Michael Ajose’s travails from hopeful child to jaded adolescent to broken adult man. More than the story of a journey, this book is a love story with its own unique sloping narrative that pulls you in from the first sentence through the complex passages of Lami and Michael’s relationship. Through their trials and struggles, through their triumphs and zest for life, we not only get a bird’s eye view of what it is like to fall in love but also an in-depth examination into the emotions that fuel that slide. It happens simultaneously with major historical events in Nigeria so the reader views these events from the perspectives of everyday people, while falling in love with the characters.
    One of the most remarkable things about the novel is “Lami George”. I am a sucker for strong female characters and Lami is the wonder woman of strong female characters. She grows from doe eyed innocence into a formidable force, one whose optimism is infectious as the pages turn. It is with her growth that we begin to see just how much Michael needs her and just how lost he would be if she were to ever leave. Without deliberately stating his intention, the writer encourages the reader to brace themselves, while they hope these characters would triumph.
    The narration of the book absolutely slays me. The author is startlingly honest in his representation of love in real life because it does not conquer all (Cynical but oh so apt). It is that elemental struggle, the right to choose and be chosen, and the desperation to preserve it that causes the conflict central to the plot. Michael and Lami’s love balances the wholesomeness of true love and the selflessness it brings with the selfishness one uses to protect that love at all cost. The book is written simply, with honest words given their barest meanings. The language of the Author is almost lazy in its cadence; the pace of the story is steady. Perhaps this was deliberate on the part of the author because if he had dressed up the diction, the emotions might not have done such an incredible job of sneaking up on the unsuspecting reader. In its simplicity, emotions fly off the page forcing the reader to feel.
    As beautifully written as the book is, I’m not completely sold on the pace. This book is slow to the point of sleepy. Sometimes the urge to scream at the characters “then what happens?” was so strong I found myself frowning. This book requires patience to love and once it gets going, it really gets going but does the average reader have that patience? I worry they do not and that might really affect the appreciation of this book.
    The writer sets the book across continents and try as I might I couldn’t quite believe the locations. I believed the characters went to those places but I as the reader didn’t really interact with the environment. It read a lot like how it sounds when someone you are unfamiliar with tries to describe scenes you cannot quite imagine. Like every reader I want to be immersed in strange new worlds and while the emotions resonate with me, the places didn’t quite hit the same.
    Now, it’s time for my recommendations.
    Should you buy and read the book? Read it but be patient, it’s worth it. If you want an emotional ride with all the twists and turns with a wholly Nigerian spin then I guarantee you would not be able to put this book down.
    When should you read this book? When you’ve got a serious case of the love bug or seek an escape into a perfect romance.
    It’s a solid 3.7 out of 5 stars.

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Author: Marvin Abe
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