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Otunba Yemi Carrington, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, goes into work one Saturday and realizes that all twenty-eight employees in his top litigation firm have resigned. As he figures out how to keep his law firm afloat, he uncovers a secret organisation of young lawyers, the eponymous yNBA, formed as a counter-group to the Nigerian Bar Association.

The yNBA is a commentary on law practice in Lagos that is anchored on its very relateable characters and very real stories. It tells of the oppression that pervades the legal profession and captures the very familiar conflict between old and new.

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Ọláolúwa Òní practices law in both Lagos and New York. The yNBA is her first book.

2 reviews for THE yNBA

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    Ikechukwu Uzoma

    YNBA tells the story of present day Nigeria through the experiences of young professionals in a failed system striving for self preservation. It’s a fantastic read and a clarion call!

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    Congratulations to Olaoluwa Oni on the debut of her novel, The yNBA. Typically, I wouldn’t pick up this book because I’m not a fan of “Nigerian lawyer speak” but I enjoyed the tea that was served in this novel. I also like how authentic the language is, the fact that the pidgin wasn’t italicised is a plus. The dialogue was relatable and engaging, it’s a good story.

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Author: Ọláolúwa Òní
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