Got Questions?

What kind of books and writers is Masobe Books looking for?

We are looking for literary and popular fiction and children’s/educational books. We want writers who are original in style and creative in their storytelling. Our mission is to encourage reading by projecting new literary voices whose works touch on themes that are universal in their appeal. We are interested in established and published writers but we have particular interest in previously unpublished writers. We do not currently publish unsolicited poetry, drama, motivational, self-help or religious books. To have such works published, please consider the services of our subsidy imprint, Makere Books.

What happens if my work is accepted for publication by Masobe Books?

Should we choose to publish your work under any of our imprints, we will negotiate a contract with you stating the terms of publication, including your royalties, and agree on a timeline, and on a marketing and publicity plan. We will work with you to ensure the final book meets our mutual standards.

What is the difference between publishing with Makere and any of our other imprints?

There are two main differences: who makes the decisions and who bears the cost. Authors don’t have to pay to get their books published under any of our imprints besides Makere. With all the other Masobe imprints, we decide which works to accept for publication and we bear all costs. In exchange, the author receives a royalty for each book sold. Under Makere, clients contract and pay us to publish their works.

What is Masobe Logistics?

This is an arm of Masobe Books that deals with the distribution and marketing of books not necessarily published under any of our imprints.

How do I get Masobe Logistics to distribute my book?

If you have a published book you wish to distribute and, or market through our channels, send a mail to Your mail should include a brief profile of the author, a one page synopsis of the book and the book cover, front and back. You will get a response within a week.

Still have more questions?

Email for further information on how to publish with Masobe. Please allow up to one week for a response. You can also contact us here.