Our Growing Brands

We have three imprints, currently: Masobe, Makere and Oremaha. Due to the standardized nature of our services, it is important to categorise them into distinct, dedicated units. Each of these imprints handles a defined set of processes that are in line with our mission and vision.

This is our traditional publishing imprint. We accept manuscripts for consideration and if found acceptable by our dedicated team of reviewers, then an offer for publishing is made to the prospecting writer. We foot all the publishing, distribution and marketing bills under this imprint, and royalties are paid to the author. To publish with us under this imprint, find out more here.


This is our subsidy or self-publishing imprint. Here, the client contracts us and pays for the publishing or marketing of his/her work. The client bears all cost involved in the entire process. However, having the Makere logo on the spine of your book, guarantees quality, as we insist on the same practices and standards adhered to with our traditional publishing imprint. To have your work published under this imprint, contact us.

Oremaha Logo

This is our traditional publishing imprint for children’s books. We consider fresh and exciting stories tailored for children, under this imprint. To send in your work for publishing consideration, find out more, here.

This is our logistics and book distribution arm. This imprint is responsible for getting books to bookstores and ultimately to the readers. We accept and distribute great stories housed in books that are well produced and thoughtfully packaged. Our channels are fast, efficient and reliable.