Our Services

We celebrate your passion.
We aim to represent, publish, distribute, and aggressively promote writers using the best in technology and human resource to achieve world class standard and results. We believe that one day, because of you, there will be a Masobe Book in every home. So come join us, let us read . . . it begins with you and I.


We accept manuscripts under our traditional imprints. If accepted as a Masobe author, the accepted work is edited by professionals and then packaged for publishing and marketing. Masobe authors receive royalties for their works as agreed in the contractual document that clearly states the terms of engagement.

We also carry out publishing services under our subsidy imprint, Makere Books. We accept all kinds of books under this imprint with the condition that the author pays for the service of editing, printing, packaging and possibly distribution and marketing.


Our distribution arm is called Bookchasers. We handle logistics for individuals, corporate organisations as well as publishing companies. We do door-to-door deliveries of books as well as inter-state and inter-country deliveries. We are fast, efficient, reliable and our channels are trusted. Contact us today and let us take the burden of distributing your books off your shoulders.


One of the major challenges facing the African literary industry is the paucity of resources to chase after quality in terms of book production and ultimately, the inability of book vendors to decide on a sales/marketing plan.

A great book, if properly packaged and marketed can sell thousands of copies even in this clime rumoured to be empty of readers. A claim that is totally untrue. How do readers know about a book when it is stacked only in bookshelves and never advertised? What product will sell without a proper advertising budget that ensures the end user is aware of its existence in the market?

We have a marketing team dedicated to getting your book into the faces and minds of the public, using tested and trusted strategies that will be deployed via print, social and alternative media.


Writing and publishing are new to you and you need some advice on getting started, how to proceed, best printing and marketing options to employ... if this is you, then welcome home. Tell us all about your vision and goals and let us make your journey into the world of publishing a seamless one. Let us guide you through this very interesting path you have chosen and together, with your stories, we will make the world and society at large a better place. At Masobe, we are books and more.