The Cabal



Bako Thomas lives a solitary life, a calm centre in an increasingly unstable world. The City outside his apartment is sliding towards a dystopia as a fuel crisis holds citizens to ransom. He is down to his final chance with Avé, his girlfriend of two years, and his relationships with his neighbours, The Law, Gebu and Mimi is fraught with anxiety and tension. When a tragedy forces him to go on the run, he soon finds himself being roped into the murky world of politics and corruption he thought he had left behind for good.

ISBN: 978-978-998-786-3

About Author

Odafe Atogun is a Nigerian writer. His debut novel Taduno’s Song was selected for the BBC Radio 2 Book Club and he has been compared to Franz Kafka and George Orwell in critical reviews. His second novel Wake Me When I’m Gone was selected for the WH Smith Fresh Talent Promotion for spring 2018. He had a stint in journalism early on. Now a full-time writer, The Cabal is his third novel.

Author: Odafe Atogun